violet_maiden (violet_maiden) wrote in egl,

I managed to help myself alone ^^

So I was searching for ideas and/or website or anything to help me with my home decoration when I'll move, and this is some fantastic furniture websites I've found. Okay, I know the prices, I know I can't order them and if I can it would cost me millions of shipping fees, but anyway, for the lolitas that love to get inspiration and/or dream, I have these very interesting websites.

Quincy's   <---Visually orgasmic <3
Belluna    <---If you search well, you can find very interesting goods, like that elegant and cute angels clock.
Dinos        <---Same thing as Belluna. Seen that Crown handle thing? Sublime.
Apis           <---This, my lovely maidens, is pure beauty. Pure fantasm, pure dream. Well, in my opinion ^^'''

Ah, life is cruel T_T  Hope you'll like! ^__^

Blanche Marie-Ève


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