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DS/TRADE: ITS white blouse, black blouse, black dress, tartain skirt and more almost over]

Sorry to repost this so soon just reminding people about whats for sale and so on.

I bought this the other week and its just a tad too small for me so I'm looking to sell it or trade.. trade wise I'm looking for WHITE blouses, peticoats, skirts, blackXwhite alice bows or head dresses. Socks too would be nice.

I was allowed to use the info from the last seller :D I onlt accept paypal. I'll be taking BIDS until next WED ok?


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also commissioned this white blouse from In the Starlight for a separate outfit, but it is too big for me now. The basic design is the same as their "Romance Blouse" (seen here in black a few blouses down the page), but I requested that a bottom ruffle hem be added so the blouse can be worn over skirts nicely. It is made of plain white cotton and has cute puffed sleeves with elastic armholes and little white ribbon bows. There are two ribbons attached to the front so the wearer can tie them crossed around the neck. Small white lace trims most of the edges of the blouse. White ribbon criss-crosses the back of the blouse as functional corset lacing to adjust the size. Finally, there is shirring on the front and back of the blouse, so it can really stretch.

Unfortunately, the buttons on the shirred front of the blouse had a gap in them whenever I wore the shirt because that's just what buttoned shirring fronts tend to do, so I finally hand-sewed a seam in white thread up the front so the buttons were always closed. Then there was no gap, but the shirt has to be pulled over the head because the buttons weren't functional anymore. The seam was practically indistinguishable and I find it easier to pull things over my head anyway, so I didn't mind. However, if the buyer wants me to remove this seam before I ship the blouse, I will gladly do so (there may be some leftover needle holes to deal with, but I don't think it would be that noticeable). I recommend that this blouse be worn loosely rather than skin tight because it will look better that way.

Overall Length = 22 inches
Bust = 36-40 inches
Waist = 30-38 inches

Starting bid: $20
Highest Bid: $45.00


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Bought it AGES ago.... never found anything that would go with it..

Its very stretchy.

Starting bid: $10
Highest Bid: $30


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Size: UK 14-16
Starting bid: $20
Highest bid: $25


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Hand made guro lolita set... two cufs.. a collar and a headband. [Not hand made by me]

Starting Bid: $10

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Item: Velvit Butterfly Choker
About: Soft black velvit fabric with black ribbon and a metal butterfly detail
Price: £5.00/$10.00 [Postage included]
Or Best Offer:

any questions feel free to ask!

More lolita can be found here:http://community.livejournal.com/theendsong/

Ending Wed 12am UK time

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