dleocloir_a (dleocloir_a) wrote in egl,

Better pictures of this item?

So I'm just a little peeved because someone helped me to find the purple Metamorphose coat that I thought my gf wanted but "noooooooo" it's not the right shade to match any of her crap. So the gift I intended to give her isn't gonna cut it.

So I need some more help because I know that there's people browsing here right now with nothing better to do at work, school, or home but help out someone who's just trying to make their lover happy...

I need more pictures of this.
It's originally from Angelic Pretty. And it has music notes around it. She's been pining over it for years but I guess a replica can cut it for a while till she finds the original.

Bonus points to people who can tell me the material of the appliques.

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