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I just joined this community, but more because I wanted to ask some questions about Goth-Loli and Goth-Aristo.

I'm basically looking for someone to help me determine a standard rule set for the difference between them. I know that lots of Aristo is known as 'loli' to the western world because a lot of them don't know the style differences, but sometimes even I myself cannot tell if something is loli or Aristo due to the fact that the dress/outfit in question seems maturish to me (i'm still a novice, don't hurt me =( ).

So what qualifies as Aristo? ANYTHING mature-ish of the Loli-stylistic? Does the ammount of attached lace actually count towards anything, or is it just the way the lace is being used? What about length of skirt and style of sleeves and neck? Does that make any different?

What makes it 'goth' per say, and not just black? No this is not a dig at Goth-Lolis/Aristos to say you are not Goth at heart, this is an actual question. I've read that you're not supposed to wear platforms with Aristo but I see girls doing it all the time and wonder if that is the sort of thing that makes it goth-Aristo? Because it has western gothic clothing stylistics? It seems to me Goth-Aristo is relatively similar to the 'vampire' scene in the western gothic world if I have gotten the right impression, but I may have been given a totally wrong impression.

I probably have a few more of these questions brimming in my mind which hasn't yet surfaced, but for now that is all I can think of. Any information such as hard to find websites (i've read some already through google, and of course Wikipedia) or just commentary added to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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