V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl,

Meta SWEETS One Piece

As much as I desired this dress for a few months, I would like to sell my Meta SWEETS one piece 'cauuuse I think I should get a dress that looks better on me...boo pink. :(

Bodice fits up to ~48 inches.
Length is ~35 inches from neck to bottom.
Skirt length is ~21 inches from waist to bottom.
Shoulder is amorphic (there is no definite seam exactly 'cause there's elastic around the top of the neck).

I'd like to auction this as a whole set. It includes:
Metamorphose SWEETS shirred one piece
Meta SWEETS totebag
Meta SWEETS alice bow
Meta SWEETS (pink) candy hair ties

Bids from $240 and up, please.
(For the extremely desperate who must have it, a high BIN :P): $300.

Auction will end 12AM Pacific/Mountain Time on the 26th.

Also, I would consider partial trades for this, or this, orrr a BTSSB sweet check one piece. Oh, and I want that. :P

My other sales--including a BTSSB blouse.

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