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Problems with Celga

It would seem that Keigo is just terrible when it comes to customer service. I got a nasty-gram today when I asked for more information about an auction I paid for....
In December I was really looking for a Baby Bunny Bag in Pink. There was one on Mbok and a few people suggested using Celga, and I trusted them.  Soooo...I filled out the form and asked about how the deposit stuff worked on December 29th. I got a very nice e-mail back from Hyla letting me know that they went ahead and bought out the auction (which is what I wanted to do) so I wouldn't lose the auction. Ok, that is fine.

After I PayPaled the money, I wrote back Hyla to let her know and she said to fill out the shipping request in about a week. On January 5, I got an e-mail from Keigo:

Hello Rebecca san,

  I received the shipment request the other day but
the following item hasn't arrived yet.


  We had a long New Year vacation in Japan. So,
hopefully, it arrives soon. As soon as it comes in,
we'll pack it up. Please wait a little more. Thank

Keigo Morita
Celga Japan

After not hearing from them about what was going on, I sent an e-mail on January 15th:


It has been a few weeks now. Any word on my bunny bag? Thank you.

Rebecca Majoros

I got the following reply from Emily:

hello -
the latest stock records show we have not received it
yet, sorry ...
i will ask keigo san if he knows any info, i guess the
seller is slow ...
- emily

On the 17th I get an e-mail from Keigo:


  The last time the seller replied, she said it would
be delayed. It's Jan 11. I hope it arrives soon.
Please give her a little more time. I'm sorry for
the delay.

Keigo Morita
Celga Japan

I got another e-mail onJanuary 22nd.  Since I got the e-mail from Emily I hadn't sent anything, though I will say between the 11th and 22 of January I would have though there would be communication from the seller. And I got another e-mail:


  I received your shipment request the other day
but the following item hasn't arrived yet. As soon
as it does, we'll pack it up. Please wait a little
more. Thank you for your patience!

Keigo Morita
Celga Japan

This was the same stock e-mail I got on January 5th. At this point I replied.

Has there been any info from the seller? It has been almost a month, and under these
circumstances most buyers would have opened a dispute with the auction house. What action
has been taken to find out where my bunny bag is?

I would like better information (IE communications with the seller) in regards to my
purchase. Since I did pay with Paypal, if information and or services are not rendered, I
will have to open a dispute with them.

Thank you.
Rebecca Majoros

All I wanted was some information. With E-bay or Yahoo auctions there would have been follow up by the auction house by now. From what I read about the japanese auction sites this is no different. Most places you only have 30 to 45 days to open a dispute, and I only had 45 days for services not rendered with Paypal. I was worried that I wouldn't get my item, and this would have allowed both myself and Celga time to get their money back from the seller. 

This morning I wake up to this Nasty Gram from Keigo.

Hey, the item arrived today. I hope you understand
that we worked VERY HARD ON YOUR BEHALF. We emailed
the seller many times and even gave her a call.
She was just slow. I'm sorry but please understand
that we did everything we could. Now, the item is
at my hand and it was packed. Okay?


I tried my best not to snap. I have been nice and cordial all the way along and this is what I get? How hard is it to say "we e-mailed the seller on this day, this day, and got this answer." Is it that hard?? I wasn't asking for that much and I don't think I was being a pest. I sent them 4 e-mails in TOTAL for the whole auction. 2 of which were asking for more information as to what is going on. I don't think 4 e-mails in one month is that out of line. In the end I sent this reply:

Dear Keigo and the staff of Celga -

I do not feel that there was any rudeness in terms of my last e-mail and I really do not
appreciate the way I am being treated or even spoken to. When placing my auction with
Celga I asked around and you came highly recommended from most and was told there was
excellent communcation.

However, I would have expected more information as to what was going on with my auction
instead of "We just don't have it yet." It would have been nice if someone informed me
that you had been in communication with the seller, or any sort of ETA. I wouldn't have
had any problem if communication for you was better.

Please do not think I was threatening anyone when I said I would open a dispute with
paypal, rather, I was trying to exercise my right as a buyer which is fair.

I will have to say, I am highly dissapointed. Keigo, I do not appreciate the language
that was used in this e-mail and I will be thinking twice about using your service again.
This has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

I look forward to getting my merchandise. Thank you for the update.

Kindest Regards,
Rebecca Majoros

I don't think that any of my e-mails were out of line. I just wanted to let other people know what I went through. There have been a few other issues, and I am now looking for an alternative to Celga. What really dissapoints me is that Hyla was so nice and helpful in the beginning that I was all ready to use Celga again to order some stuff from Angelic Pretty, now I don't know who to use!

EDIT: After my last e-mail I recieved e-mail appologies from both Emily and Keigo. They also let me know what communications have been going on between Celga
and the seller. This is what I intially asked for. I just wish that I would have had this information before all of this hit critical mass.

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