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little red ridinghood

Some more pictures of my dress now combined with black ^^

I wore my btssb little riding hood dress, meta blouse, 
meta cherry socks, maryjanes with btssb red ribbons 
and the cutest bonnet that creepy ribbon made for me ^^ 
o and don't forget the putumayo crown necklace that is hidden under some ribbons ;)

Me & Riona-chan.........

And 2 more pictures made by a photographer:
Frans van Arkel
Rainbow Eyes Photography 

Look at my nails :p Red with Metamorphose stickers ^^ I love them!
(pics kind of crappy)
Also I think it is a great "accesorie" .. matching hair to you're dress haha :p

F*ck F*ck, why am I keeping my pretty bag like that :s
Well luckily my matching red riding hood bag, but in White is comming soon!


If you want to read the story of this day, just visit my lj ;)


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