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Metamorphose online descriptions


I noticed several people asking about Meta items that are currently around 50% off for the Meta Winter Sale. Got myself a jsk in the Harajuku store for a GREAT price. I suggest people check it out!

BUT. I went to the site to see if I could get a picture of the jsk I bought, and I noticed - a lot of their descriptions in English are wrong. I haven't checked the Japanese. For instance:

That is the one I bought. But as you can clearly see in the picture, it zips up the BACK, not the side. And while the thin ribbon that ties in the back CAN be removed (via buttons on the side), there is a seperate belt-like strap that buttons across the front, and that is NOT detachable. While there is shearing beneath the front ribbons, if you think you'd strain the limits of the measurement, keep in mind that the strap in front buttons closed, so it won't give. The girl in the store, Aya who used to run the English website e-mail, didn't have a catalog to look it up for me, so she tried measuring it flat. She guessed the waist at 74 at most, which was a tossup for me. However, she was also an angel and let me try it on even though it's sale, and it fit without a problem! Before, she was suggesting to resew the buttons on the front belt if they were a problem at their current position.

Er, bottom line: look HARD at those photos, and be cautious about flat measurments :o

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