Renee (moo) (stringy_cow) wrote in egl,
Renee (moo)

Photos in Mary Magdalene

I'm on vacation right now so I wanted to take pictures in Mary Magdalene.

I actually had time to do my hair properly! It's curly, I took some tips from the tutorial on the community that I think carnet_atelier did. This is the only way to get my hair to curl and stay, a curling iron just won't do at all. Too bad it also rained today, so I couldn't take pictures outside. So I took them inside. The lighting was oddly placed, but the shadows look a bit neat I think.
Also, if anyone can help me out with this decision - I like how the OP looks just wearing it of course. But if I want to wear it during colder season, which way do you feel looks better? With the blouse or the bolero? Or do you think that a cardigan over it would look better?

With the Innocent World Blouse. Oops, I really need a good white panier! (Now when I look at this, my mouth expression is like Elvis XD)

With Victorian Maiden Bolero

Just the OP. This is kind of creepy, I might be saying, "Do you like to eat brains? I do! Hee hee!"

Since it's all shirring on the bodice, I was messing around and I folded the top of it underneath the skirt. So here it looks like it's a skirt XD! I couldn't ever wear it like this of course because the sleeves create uncomfortable bulkiness. But it looks nice haha. I do wish I had this as a skirt though!
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