Chapstick (kenshinseta3647) wrote in egl,

Cute skirt/JSK ideas?

A few months ago, my mom let me buy some fabric so that I could attempt to make some Loli clothes. :D
Of course, because of the stupid person I am, I just grabbed what I liked before really thinking about what I could make. Does anyone have any cute ideas? ^^;;

I should point out that these pictures do the actual fabric no justice. :(
They look alot better in real life!

I like these strawberries alot, and was thinking about making a skirt like this,
only with black or red gingham. Bad idea? ^^;;

I loveeee Hello Kitty to death. I loveeee kimonos to death. This was perfect. :D
I sketched out a really simple dress, but it didn't really seem Lolita. At all.
I reallllly need ideas on this one.
(And the fabric is flannel!weird...It feels like fleece a little bit, but not quite..)

I LOVE this fabric, but it's the same kind as the Hello Kitty one. The only idea I have at all for this one would be to make it like
that, but I doubt there is gingham made of the same fabric.

And last,

I like lemons. They smell good. That's really the only reason I got this, so I'd like to TRY and make something, but I don't mind if I end up using this as test fabric. XD
I thought that MAYBE in a WEIRDDDDDDD way it could be Country Lolita, but I'm really not sure anymore, now that I have slightly more knowledge...

So everyone, any ideas? ♥
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