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question about [Double Decker] shoe sizing

Birthday money is finally allowing me to go for the 2 for 100$ deal over at double decker.
But before I go and spend all my money on something that won't FIT me... I have admit that I'm a little confused.

I have some of the tiniest feet in the whole world. I mean that. My feet are not getting any bigger, and I just BARELY make a size 6 in most women's brands. I have found that, generally, I am a 5.5 in US size.

Double Decker says that they, by adding an extra insole or something, can bring their sizes down to about 23 cm. Now, I measured my feet and found that I'm about 22-ish cm. Upon looking at a few size conversion charts they mostly stated that:
23cm = US women's 4 and 24cm = US women's 5

But that can't possibly be right.. can it? If I'm usually a 5.5 US, according to them, I should be right around 24.5 cm.

Please, for the love of god, tell me how I'm supposed to pick a size. Should I just go with 23, it being closest to my true foot size?

Thanks SO much in advance.
[yes, i already scoured memories for help... but if there's something i missed, link me please]

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