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** Sale/Trade: meta antique white frill tiered jsk; meta pink alphabet OP; and more **

hello everybody. i'm phasing out most of my loli wardrobe, and these two things are a couple of major items that i am sad to part with. but... i', in desperate need of some new glasses, so help! :D i'm open to partial trades, but specifically looking for the black meta luckypack double lace bloomers, and the blackxblack meta luckypack jsk, and the aatp cropped button up cutsew in any color. i'm partial to black and pink, mainly... but not really to skirts.

* prices include shipping to the US and delivery confirmation. prices are what i want* but could be negotiable; if you want to make an offer please do so.

* i accept all forms of payment other than concealed cash, though i strongly recommend and prefer paypal. i will ship your item in a box, the day after payment is received or the same day if received before noon [except on weekends, of course]. i have 100% positive feedback on ebay under the same name, and have done multiple transactions here as well.

* it is friday i will take offers [to allow for offers/trades etc] until monday morning 7am PST, since thats when i'll be back home.

on with the show:

I. Metamorphose pink alphabet OP - $155 OBO
A quasi-relisting, cos i have no idea what happened to the previous bidder :(
I bought this dress used, but never wore it. The white shirred looking part at the bust is removable [it buttons on], so you can wear it like a jumper or like a one-piece dress. You all know this thing is adorable. Be warned, that i probably wouldn't recommend it for very tall lolis, as its a tiny bit on the short side. I love it so* much*! I wanted to wear it for my birthday this month, alas...
(measured flat): bust 17", waist 15", length 85.5 cm or almost 34"


II. Metamorphose antique white frill 4-tiered jsk - $220
This is brand new, with tags, and ridiculously beautiful. it has never been worn. it is easily the most amazing article of clothing i've ever owned, but it doesn't fit me well. i was pretty sure i wanted to get married in it, too haha. it was originally Y30,240, and its rather fluffy, but it comes with a small white pannier.
this is an empire waist item, and i'd like to add that i've seen this style on larger/bustier lolis and it looks absolutely fabulous. it stretches lots, and has like a drawstring at the underbust, so it is adjustable. i might not recommend it for those with smaller chests [i.e. 30-31"], as too much tightening can look a bit off.
orig. ¥30,240
overbust (flat): max of ~46cm or 18"
bust max: ~40";
underbust max (flat): 22"
waist: free
length: ~108cm or 42.5"


III. Gap Kids ivory spring dress - $20
This is a cute spring time dress made of light cotton, that i got from gap kids. i like it lots but i have never worn it. i took off the tags cos i thought i was going to wear it one day, only to find out the plans changed and i'd need to wear pants instead. it is size 12 [XL] in gap kids size, and it didn't come with the belt i imagine ought to be around the waist. i was just going to use a different purple ribbon. the skirt has two layers, whose bottoms are "handkerchiefed", so it has lots of overlapping "points", kinda like a fairy's dress or something. it buttons up the back, and i think it looks better with a pannier underneath :)
size (flat): bust 16.25" waist 15" length (at shortest point) 33"


IV. i also have the blackxwhite l/s a-line meta OP, and the black s/s meta sailor jumpsuit that i might part with... if there is interest. but i might still keep them.


Thanks for looking!
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