Raine (faeawynn2) wrote in egl,

What to do when iced in?

So I live down in the south, which was hit this weekend by ARCTIC FORCES!!! Or for those use to cold weather, we got some ice, snow and a touch of sleet. I embrace my home's lack of driving skills in this weather and gladly take the 3 days off from work. It gave me a chance to work on a pattern for a commission, I won't says who's it is but if she wants to she can ;). On to the pictures and more about the outfit.

So this out fit is a mix of about 4 patterns, some drafted for me and others store bought. I have to say I am in love with the shug and will be making many many more of them in all kinds of crazy fabrics. I think the dress would be better on some one who is about 10 to 15 lbs heavier then me, it was draft to pre-weight loss sign. I am totally in love with the hat, I made it almost a year ago as a whim and now have the best outfit for it. I want a better petti for the skirt but over all pretty happy with it. If people want I can post more images in my lj, showing the dress and shrug in more of a product shot.

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