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Possible Mbok Shopping Service

(if the mods deem this inappropriate please feel free to delete, I would like to mention that I am no way affiliated with Crescent Shop - except as a happy customer)

As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, Celga has recently started a shopping service for the Japanese auction site Mbok. Mbok is a cell phone based auction service and it has a huge amount of brand lolita items listed. I think there's probably twice as much as Yahoo!Japan at least. Now I'm eager to take advantage of this, but I'm really not a fan of Celga. I'm not here to start shopping service wars, I'll just say I find Crescent Shop more reliable and easier to communicate with.

Out of curiousity I emailed Crescent Shop about whether they could order through Mbok for me, and recieved the following reply

Thank you for suggestion. We are sorry but we cannot do it at this moment. mbok is cell phone service. Using different medium than internet on PC together cause us more time to complete our current primary services. If demand for mbok is increasing, we will consider to handle mbok.

Yes, I know mbok and they are new service. I am investigating about mbok. But you must use COD service only. So, even though you won small item at cheap price, you still have to pay around 1000 yen(or more) for domestic shipping for an auction. I keep checking their service.


Thus, while they currently don't handle Mbok, I think they might if enough people requested it. I thought perhaps if I mentioned this on egl, other people who are interested in using Crescent to shop at Mbok could take up the call and show them that there is a demand for this shopping service.

If you are already a Crescent Shop customer, or are interested in bidding on Mbok I urge you to email them about starting an Mbok service!

Link to Crescent Shop
Link to Mbok (google translation)

Email Masamichi at:
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