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Starting a Closet Child group order (until 1/27/07)

I'd like to start a new USA Closet Child group order. (
For help navigating the site, I suggest this great translation site tool (
Also: Apparently, Closet Child restocks their punk items on Tuesdays and their EGL items on Thursdays. 

I am planning to place the order on Sunday Saturday, 1/27.  I am limiting this to $500 of items.

If you would like to check my feedback, my eBay username is "nickelpinch"

If you would like to join the order:

1. Now until Saturday next week, Thursday (1/25): Reserve a spot! 
Reply with a comment here with subject line: "CC group order - [Brands that you are buying]"
In the comment field:

Your Name
Your Zipcode
Your email
Item Number + Brand of item
Link to item

2. Saturday Friday (1/26): Stock checking and payment! 
I will place the stock check request.  After I receive the information from CC, I will divide the Japan->US shipping among us, and I will reply to your comment with the total that you should Paypal me to place the order.  This will cover the cost of your item, plus your share of the Japan->USA shipping cost, and an estimate of how much based on weight of the order should be the shipping to your address.

3. Sunday (or pending reply from Closet Child): Order placed.
By Sunday, or when Closet Child has everything in stock and can confirm, I should have everything from you guys, and will place the order and send payment to Closet Child.

4. In a few weeks (? or when it comes from Japan to my place ):
When I receive the items, I will send them to you.

This is my first time doing a group order.  I'm excited to see what you guys will choose, and hope it all will be in stock for you!

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