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bag & fabric ^^

Hi all ^_________^/ I come bearing questions ~

Bag Question
I'm looking for picture(s) or link(s) to this basket weave / wicker bag (not sure what you call it) that a lolita brand came up with some time ago. I can't remember what brand but it was made of something like how they make picnic baskets ? So sorry for the bad description m(>_<)m

Fabric/etc Question
1) What kind of fabric would be suitable to make bustle skirts ? For the outside and inside bustle as well. Would a heavyish (drapperyish) fabric work better for the outside and some form of cotton for the inside ? I'm not sure how to buy these fabric online (especially in UK) as I'm not really certain about the names. Back home I just hop over to the nearest fabric shop and go all touchy feely ^^;;

2) Has anyone seen fabric that resembles VM's Dobby Cherry ? Something with vertical floral / fruitsy / stripey prints ?

3) Where can you recommend me to get fabric in the UK ? (preferably not too expensive) ^^;;

4) What type of cotton is mainly used for lolita blouses ? Something good quality ? (I read up on broadcloth but I can't seem to find any on ebayUK O_o;)

5) How many different types of lace are there ? Does anyone have pics and names for the commonly used laces in lolita ?
I always get confused by the different names used for different laces. My personal favourite is torchon lace and chemical lace (as per YJA) but when I got to UK they mark torchon lace as cotton / crochet / ecru lace that I am now very confused to which is which.

Really sorry for so many questions. Thank you so much ! m(_ _)m

[edit | cute print on ebayUK XD ]

[edit #02 | possible loli cute loli boots and shoes]
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