ateip (ateip) wrote in egl,

Question about cream/white JSKs + hot weather

Hey everyone,

After checking the memories like crazy, I didn't find anything that really answered the question/s I have. With a meetup next week, I went shopping today and found a cream-coloured cotton JSK with little cherries on it.

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Awww, look at the cute widdle cherries! >.< If you click the picture it gets bigger! :O It is actually cream, but I had to stand in the bright white light of the study to actually SEE the cherries! XD I had to change the picture setting of my camera so it wasn't 2.1MB so it might be a bit dodgy... ^^;;;

Problem = when it's 35 degrees (Celcius) outside and NO breeze, what can you wear under a cream-coloured JSK that won't make you look like a walking snowstorm or make you die of heat exhaustion? I want to wear this to the meetup, but it's so HOT I just don't think I can wear a blouse under it! T_T Plus the shoulder straps are about 1cm wide, so the straps kind of get swallowed up by your blouse... Have people really had a terrible lot of success with wearing JSKs with NO blouse underneath? What else did you add to your outfit to complete (for lack of a better word) it? It's so hot I'm finding it difficult to think, so if it's difficult to understand, I apologise and will attempt to re-word my question! :D
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