Yani♥ (yani_honey) wrote in egl,

I have two question:

1, Good quality lolita brands? I really don't want to spend 300 bucks on a dress and find holes after one use (Happened.......Thats why i asked)

2, Have anyone buy second hand loli stuff before? How is it? From a actual store

I really don't mind spending money if they are good

But some brand are really really cheap

So, any good quality brand that people suggest?

Also, I want to buy from second hand stores to save money......

Can anyone who have brought second hand lolita clothes tell me how is it like?

(I mean from actual store.....Not friendly people from internet ^_^ Please dont mistake me again......And I want to know how the stuff is......Not the store, because I do know Closet Child and Grand Bazaar Lolita)

The quality, the price, good and bad, plus whatever you can think of


Oh my god, is my English really that bad?? T^T No Kanji and reword


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