Juli (juli_rawks) wrote in egl,

Shojo Beat?

I was wondering, does anyone else subscribe to Shojo Beat? I do, mostly because of my Ai Yazawa addiction, but anyway, I know this was mentioned before, but this month's issue has a lot of lolita themed stuff. Nana Kitade appears on the cover in something I might describe ads punk lolita if I COULD SEE UNDER HER HAIR but inside it's mostly punk on her. There's a lot of lolita themed stuff though! their new mascot (illustrated by Chynna Chugston Major in this issue, who I like normally but I think these look kinda ugly) is shown in a kind of loli/maid? outfit throughout the issue.

The best part are the fashion parts though. the 'get that look section' shows so horrible looking dress that seems unrelated to me, and they have a DIY frilly sweet lolita thing about turning a nightgown into... something. ~_~ I thin kit's kind of funny. The effort it looks like it takes makes me think you might as well buy something you know.

Anyway, thought I'd point it out since it's kind of funny. And I'm sure someone here cares about jpop and possibly Nana Kitade.

EDIT: holy shit someone advertises tours of japan in here, including a gothic lolita tour. wtf?

worse, under that is the YAOI TOUR, with all the 'hotspots of yaoi fandom'. wtf?!!?

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