nandi_ (nandi_) wrote in egl,

Wanting to trade Putumayo cutsaw

Hey guys, i got this cutsaw off this community not long ago, i love it so much but pink just does not suit me and i havn't worn it at all.
I'm looking to trade this with someone, prefferably in the UK (Brighton is even better), with another Putumayo black cutsaw which needs to fit 34"/36" bust. I specifically like the tops with the 3/4 length sleeves!! But i am open to seeing anything anyone has to offer..

This is a one size cutsaw which can fit up to a 36" bust, but be carefull of stretching the design.


Without Flash
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With Flash:
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Close up of design
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If your interested please contact me on this thread, my livejournal or my email, Thanks! x
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