lielocks_closet (lielocks_closet) wrote in egl,

Journal Sale!!!! Tons and Tons of stuff.

I am trying to get this all done so I can get my living room back..this is a direct sale all info is in the journal. Some items aren't priced or measured yet due to well to many items. I should have it finished really soon some won't be measured but priced by the end of the day but basically everything is a size M/free size. However due to my mother in law spending the weekend with us and my daughters doctors appointments shipping will be delayed slightly (meaning if I sell all this stuff no way can I pack it up by the end of the week but I will try my hardest) but read my feedback on ebay (ladytaga) 

Please take a look I have alot of great stuff.  <--click...
listing more shoes (all size M) near the end of the week.
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