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DS or Trade : Rakuen fashion unused!!

hey there cupcakes! im selling here UNUSED petticoat and headdress by Rakuen . i won an auction of theirs and if i wanted i couldve added the petticoat and headdress for a sale price. but im a doydoy and i purchased a petticoat after i found out i already have one a black headdress but with a design when i wanted all black. so im reselling them for the sale price i bought them for which includes shipping or trade the black headdress for an all black. MUST SHOW ME A DETAILED picture please! my payments include money order, cash at your own risk, check, and PAYPAL but you must pay the extra paypal fees and transfers...which i dont know so you do the math if you choose paypal lol
i never opened the petticoat but the black headdress was wrapped with my dress so i will rewrap that.
i dont have my own pics but here are the pics from Rakuen. usa only please ^_^
if im wrong about the original prices do tell me. but im sure these are the orginal prices on the livejournal

1. Petticoat - $12 shipped! original $19

2. black headdress $14, original $19

im willing to trade this headdress for an all black one or the other Rakuen one

thanks for looking!


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