Hulk (bucktick) wrote in egl,

someone need something from heart-e?

I was asked  by someone for something small off the website from my shopping service (just a ring) so I thought I'd ask if anyone else needs shopping service from this site too. 
This is the website:

You can find all my shopping service information on my webpage here for information on fees and shipping.  Orders 5000 and under are charged 500 yen shopping fee.  Orders over that are 10%.  Shipping is registered airmail for small items like jewelry and EMS for clothing and accessories.

There will be a domestic shipping charge and COD charge from the website that will be shared by everyone that orders something.  Orders of 5000 yen or more require a paypal deposit.  There is a 100 yen box purchasing fee for each order.  

You have 3 days to decide AND to get me your deposit if needed! so you must be fast.  To join the group order send an email to
include in the email:
Your name
what country you live in
what kind of paypal you will be using. funds transfer/echeck/credit card/ debit card
item number
a link to the item
the cost fo the item(s) including tax

If your order is 5000 yen or more you must send me the deposit when you place the order.  
If your deposit is in funds transfer/e-check send to
if your deposit is credit card or debit card send to

Credit card and debit card desposits and payments are charged a paypal fee.  This fee will be subtracted from your deposit and charged as part of the final sale fees once the items have been delivered to me and shipping/domestic shipping/COD charges are calculated and the final amount will be invoiced to you at that time.

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