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New AP dress picture post!

Okay, so I decided to start dappling in brand wear... most of my loli stuff up till now has been either homemade or altered, etc. But oh my. I saw this dress up for auction on here and I had to have it *______*. It's so pretty, I'm so madly in love. I feel like a princess whenever I put it on. I feel like I thought I understood everything that everyone on here said about why they dressed Loli, but then I put on an Angelic Pretty dress and I felt enlightened XD

Okay, I'm done being weird,

Okay, it's silly that the first picture I post on here isn't me, but I thought it would be best to get a shot of the front of the dress first, so here's my lovely friend Sage modeling it for me (the front's a bit silly >.>;;; I didn't notice in person o.O ):

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(These next two were taken by a girl in my photography class when I wore it to school, so they're actually of me XD;; )

Da back (sorry for the silly expression >.> ):
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Annnnd a headshot cause I just dyed my hair! :D
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Everyone in class was making fun of me and my lollipop (Haha, lolipop...)! They said I looked like a child pornstar ;-; It's not that ero... is it? *pout*

Meep, okay, so it's my first brand piece, so I have nothing brand to coordinate it with x.x;; I wore a pair of white tights with white lace ones over them (STFU New England's cooooold...! Layering tights is gooood! Does anyone else here do that?) and socks (...they're cashmere! Warm and soft *_* heavenly during the winter, even one so mild as this year's) and my black Mary Jane heels (which are much more comfy than they look). So, in conclusion, the coordination's a little off, anyone have any suggestions?

And definately looking for constructive criticism, but it's my first post, so please... be gentle? >.<;;;;

And, just in case that was a total waste of your time, here's a picture I got off of Google image search:

It's a hamster.

That's cute, right?

P.S: My S key is being tempermental and I kind of have to smush it relatively hard if I want it to type. I tihnk I caught all the typos, but if a certain word doesn't make sense, try putting an S in there, it mit make more sense >.<;;;
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