Kirsten (kvlt_kitty) wrote in egl,

Co-ordination help, please!

So today I got my Baby Sweet Check OP (green one), purchased from a friend on LJ.  It's lovely and fits me perfectly and is generally awesome and all that.  However, I'm now trying to work out how best to co-ordinate it.  I'm gonna pick up some plain white socks on ebay and get some nice white lace to make sock toppers, but beyond that I'm not sure what to do. 

My original plan was to make either a round headdress or some bows to wear on pigtails from the same lace as the sock toppers, with green ribbons on them.  But I can't find any ribbon that's close enough in colour, or of a similar type (ie as nice quality) as the stuff on the dress, so I'm concerned that might look a little wrong.

So I was thinking maybe a hat might look nice,  although I'm not sure what style.  I've already got a beret (well, ordered, not got it yet), but it's grey, not white.  What do you all think would co-ordinate well with the dress?  For reference the full outfit so far is white lace-topped socks, black mary janes, a white Baby parasol, and a bag to match the dress.
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