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Hello Everyone-

I bought this skirt the other day- lovely white, eyelet lace underskirt, knee length - and very full. I just thought it was pretty... Upon further inspection of said skirt- I think it might have potential as a lolita skirt- with a petti, and socks, and a cute top of course.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that it has pockets- one on either side of the skirt- adorable little drawstring pockets

What is your opinion of lolita skirts with pockets- I sort of like the look, it almost reminds me of a built in apron, but not quite. Do you think it could work? If not- then I could just close the drawstrings tight- they just look like little bows on the sides If I do that- barely like pockets at all.

I'll take a picture when I get to a camera- but for reference it looks kind of like this- in all white (and it is much fuller than it looks!)- 

Thanks for looking!

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