Reila (syrenshaeda) wrote in egl,

Selling GLB and H&M dress

I found out that I really don't need this anymore, so I decided to sell it.

The issue I'm talking about, is 11.
It comes with a double sided poster, of Mana on one side, and some drawing-thing on the other, and patterns. Both are loose, as is another page. One page seems too be missing too. I bought this issue of someone else, so blame them, and not me XD >_>
Other than that, it is in nice shape. I've only looked over it a few times.

I want $15 for it, plus packaging (about $3 I think), and shipping to were you are.

I don't have any pictures, because I've misplaced the charger for my camera (How hard should it be to find it in this small apartment?! XD)

I also got the H&M dress now. So it's been changed from a shopping service to DS XD
Please look here for details~
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