lotusx (lotusx) wrote in egl,

DS/Trade: BluexWhite Meta shirred OP

Hello! I have this lovely blue x white striped Meta op for direct sale. I hate to sell it so soon after I've received it but unfortunately, the shirred part hits my chest weird (I have the feeling this is just due to my larger chest size). I'd like what I paid for it, $75 shipped within the continental U.S. $80 to anywhere else in the world. Paypal highly preferred. I'll also look at trades. I'd love some brand socks or any tops that can accomodate a larger chest size. My feedback list can be found here.

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Length: 39in.
Bust: 30-42in.
Waist: Free

Edit: I forgot to mention that this is just the same picture I used for my WTB post. The dress I have is exactly like the picture. However, if you'd like to see pictures of the actual dress in my possession, I'll be more than happy to get those for you.
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