facepalm.jpg (ex_wut78) wrote in egl,

Hello! I've been in love with lolita (according to firefox, lolita isn't a word. neither is firefox. :[) fashion
for a few years now. But I've never worn any loli clothes before. I dont own any either. I'd like to buy a few dresses, but I'm a but nervous. Until now I've been a t-shirt and jeans person, so I'm a bit worried about reactions when I come into school with a loli dress on. So I have a few questions..

Should I gradually go from one fashion to another, becoming more loli each day?
Do you wear loli to school and work, or just with friends/special occasions?
How did people react when you first started wearing loli?

I'm sorry, I know you probably get lots of posts like this. And I think I said loli too much, lol. ._.
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