Shojo Kakumei Erin (mind0vermatter) wrote in egl,
Shojo Kakumei Erin

Sort of a WTB, I think?

I'm going nuts. I was at the Milwaukee H&M today and they had this top that I REALLY want for casual egl, but they didn't have it in my size _D_ So basically if anyone's going to an H&M anytime soon I was wondering if you would look for me and see if they had it.. obviously I'd pay shipping as well. n.n I can't find a picture of the top but it's a short-sleeved button-down blouse with a pointed collar and slightly puffed sleeves with skull&crossbones all over it, and costs $24.90. They have it in black with pink skulls, which I want the most, and in white with black skulls, which I'd take if the black one is all gone. I'd need it in a size 14. If you can help out, please either comment here or email me.. hannah at wisc dot edu! Thanks!
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