peace_garden (peace_garden) wrote in egl,

Sizing question

Hiya lolitas! This is the first time i'm posting here so pardon me if i made any mistakes. 

I love classic lolita ever since some 1 year plus ago and have been thinking of buying them from VM. But i'm quite worried about not being able to fit into their dresses because i'm of a petite size. I know that VM's outfit sizes are usually rather small as compared to other brands. 

I'm 31' 24' 33'

I want to ask if the VM dress will be too loose for me and makes it unflattering. Besides that my height is only 150cm.. erm i not very sure but i think it's 5 feet, will those dresses be too long for me... i don't want it to be too long such that it makes me look even shorter in it.

Advise welcome! Thanks girls~

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