Stephanie (honoumiko) wrote in egl,

Dunno if this has been asked, but I've noticed Bodyline has some extremely inexpensive things on their site. It's sort of tricky to tell from just the pictures, but what does everyone think of their quality? I'm just starting out with lolita (if you couldn't tell from my n00bish posts here, haha I apologize) and I don't have much money to work with... so, I'm just wondering how much (if at all) quality is sacrificed with the less expensive stuff, and if people would really be able to tell. For example, this seems a bit thin to me, but again it's hard to tell from the picture. Anyone have any experience with Bodyline that they'd like to share?

edit: I'm really not too concerned with getting brand-name stuff, so that doesn't factor in. I'm just going for a good appearance.
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