prince_du_ciel (prince_du_ciel) wrote in egl,

Summer talk

Okay, after too many storms and too much snow for a supposed mild climate, I need summer talk!

Might as well be prepared for that humid heat and burning sun before we end up deep fried lolis with sweat stained 200$ dresses.

What do you recomend as the Must Have cosmetics, wether it be lotions, make-up, hair products etc to maintain that girly perfection through the summer months? What do you use to protect clothing from dust, ice cream drips and grass stains?

and just for fun, everyone knows how to make a cute lolita outfit for summer. Cpractical lolita for say, that trip to the amusement park, or hanging out at the beach isn't so easy. How would you co-ordinate an outfit without sacrificing too much of the fashion. While still maintaining that distinct lolita flare and style.

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