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a sad thing happened today while in lolita. this just broke my heart :(

EDIT: thanks a bunches, you all made me feel better about the situation knowing that people care. i felt terrible, i shouldve mentioned that i went looking for her right after seeing john but didnt find them :(


ok this just broke my heart. today i went to coral square mall *coral springs, florida* and as i was looking at the wigs at a middle stand i see an older asian woman looking at me alone and sad. so i wanted to know what was going on so i just stayed by the wigs pretending to 'purchase' something to buy time and then she started crying and looking around as if she lost someone in the mall but kept looking around and then at me and her eyes were so sad :( 
so i went to approach her but then a guy when up to her *mustve been why she kept looking around , for him*
 so i rushed to the next cart of stuff not to make it obvious that i was being nosy. and then i saw them talking, the woman still crying and glancing and pointing at me. and when he looked at me he hugged her close. so i got closer and closer and after about 2mins i went up to them and asked if she was ok and he said that he  but that he and his mom moved out of japan asap after his sister died and that she was crying because my clothes reminded me so much of her. and how his sister wouldnt feel shy about taking her mom to harajuku with her in the afternoon *i guess like teens in usa they like to show off without parents or something* YES i started to tear!!! he started saying how sorry he was if she made me feel uncomfortable. then she rubbed my bolero and something told me that she wanted to touch my face or something you know. like she just wanted the comfort of her daughter. i felt so sad :( i wouldve stayed and chatted longer, buy her coffee, just something you know but i wasted time trying to be nosy and forgot that i had to drop off a cupcake to john. 

i usually get the you look like a princess or doll remarks. but this was the 1st time i made someone cry like that. i mean really, she was crying :(
anyone else have sad loli stories ?


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