Stephanie (honoumiko) wrote in egl,

Recent trip to NY

I was in New York from the 8-10, and had a ball.
Before I share with you my mix-and-match "creative" loli outfit (lol) and ask for CONSTRUCTIVE opinions, I wanted to let you all know that there is a grey capelet at a store called Mystique Boutique in SoHo. I think the store has a clone store, but I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, this is the place so if you are nearby, check it out. There is not much else I could see that is loli, but the capelet popped out at me. It's very plain, just solid gray,and I think a large black button.


I wore that to the Metropolitan Opera to see Die Zauberflöte. >w< (I always saw Papagena as a total loli-chan. In fact, I think I have an in-class doodle! XD )

Anyway. Just wanted to let everyone know about the capelet and ask for opinons AS LONG AS YOU ALL KNOW THAT I KNOW THIS ISN'T TRUE LOLITA!! I want advice to make it more lolita if I wanted - recommendations for changing certain aspects of the outfit, etc. :)
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