Renee (moo) (stringy_cow) wrote in egl,
Renee (moo)

My Innocent World and Metamorphose Coordinates

Today I got my last piece to complete some proper lolita coordination. So, I also took the advice of some of the people who commented to me last time! Thank you!

Innocent World BlackxWhite one-piece
Innocent World Off-white Dot Tulle Blouse
Boots from payless (it was an xmas gift!)
white x off-white hair bow (it was made by my friend! She makes really lovely lolita stuff!)
Also, to circle_of_ashes > I found out a way of getting this one piece zipped up by myself. I found if I put it on backwards, I can use my hands to close the zipper much easier. So I zipper it halfway and then flip it the right way and put the sleeves on and then I just have to zip it the rest of the way!

Innocent World Dark Brown Floral JSK
Same blouse
The hair bow is different, and my other friend made it for me. It has lovely dried flowers on it!
I wasn't sure if the boots really matched this dress. So later I put on lace socks and flats, but the lighting was getting bad then.

Metamorphose Musical JSK + hat in matching print fabric (the hat was a gift from a friend!)
I think the boots match this best.
The photo of this isn't as good because the lighting was too bad then.
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