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Mini-tutorial + I rhymed. :D

I finished this skirt recently and I figured I'd share the pattern since it's super simple. This is my first tutorial, so if I'm not being clear in anything please ask me questions. Hopefully someone would get some use out of it.

The concept and inspiration was that the tiers of eyelet lace will look like icing on a decked out cake. I don't know how successful I was in evoking that thought. My technique's not too perfect, but I think the pattern's sound since it was roughly based the pattern off of the three tiered meta skirt. It's almost too full for my taste. :D

I was late for work taking these pics because I wanted sunlight. XD Not much better though right?


Prereq: Knowing how to ruffle and sew elastic waistbands.

1. Figure out how long you like your skirts. I like around 20 inch length because I'm short. The best way to get this measurement is drop a measuring tape from where you wear your skirt to your knees (above or below depending on your preference) and read it in the mirror. Don't bend down to read it of course, since that'll throw off your measurement. :D

2. After you get this measurement divide this number by 3 to find the width of each of the tiers, and round to the nearest integer. Don't forget to take into account, the length of the lace you'll be adding later to the hem. I divided 20 by 3 and got 6 inches for each tier plus 2 inches for lace. Add seam allowance to those 6 inches before you cut. I used a 6.75 width including seam allowance.

3. Now the crucial part, and probably why you're still reading this, the ratio I used between each tiers is around 3, 1.5, and finally 1.3. Measure your waist. Multiple that by 3, that's what the circumference of the first tier has to be. Take that measurement and multiple by 1.5 that's your second tier. Multiple that last number by 1.3 and you got your final tier.

Cheating super short-cut good for waist sizes 25-29'':

Since my fabric has a horizontal pattern and is the typical 45'' across, I used 2 rectangles of 45x6.75 for the first tier. 3 rectangles of 45x6.75 for the second tier. And 4 rectangles for the third tier. The measurements will be 90, 135 and 180 respectively, which gives roughly achieve the ratio. Cut off the selvage before you sew the rectangles together though. :)

4. Ruffle each tier and attach them in order. Make an elastic casing 2 times your waist size and attach it to the top. Clip seams to reduce bulk.

5. Finally frost your cake! Attach lace as your heart desires.

For my skirt, I used:
2.5 yards of fabric, 5 yards of ruffled eyelet lace, and 6.25 yards of beading eyelet lace and 6.25 yards of ribbons. Obviously with different measurements, you might need more or less lace and fabric.

Good luck, and I hope I was somewhat coherent. Oh and I'm going to pimp the sew_loli community for this occasion. :D
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