!/♥ (pinafore) wrote in egl,

cheeptrims.com - join in on my order, I've already reached the minimum.

This is going to be quick and easy. I'm placing an order of lace to go with the big bag of fabric sitting in my closet. If there's a spool of lace or a bag of appliques that you want, comment and we'll work out the details.

I want to place this order tomorrow & I've already got enough picked out to meet the minimum requirement, so if you want to go halves on a spool please find someone to split it yourself.

Venise Applique, 3+3/8 x 3+1/2 inch Black - Gold (C01)

Venise Lace Galloon, 1 inch White (029)

Venise Lace Galloon, 1 inch Black (030)

Ruffled Eyelet, 1 inch White - White (029)

Metallic Venise Applique, 2 +3/4 x 2+1/2 inch Black - Gold (989)

As a measure of good faith, if there are two people who want something under $20, they can just comment/email and I'll cover the initial payment. Then once it arrives, lace and shipping can be paid for all at once.

I'd like to keep this within the states and payment as only paypal. Happy shopping!

EDIT: would anyone be interested in splitting this in white with me? i love it a lot but i doubt i'd use all of it.
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