Reila (syrenshaeda) wrote in egl,

Offering shopping service? xD; (More like DS now)

Today I was at my local H&M store, and I randomly saw that fancy dress we've seen so much lately.
Sadly, they only had one, and it was wrong size for me.

The dress is of the grey and black kind, is an European size 44 and costs about US$23/18€ (Original price is 150 NOK)
Measurement: Aprox. 40" bust and 33" where the skirt kinda starts

If you want it, I'm asking for the original price and shipping (and possible packaging if I can't find something at home) from Norway to wherever you are.

Payment can be done by Paypal (then it will be an additional Paypal fee to the price), but I can also accept cash by mail (on your own risk). If the latter is the case, the dress won't be sent before I get your money.

I only have buyer's feedback as of now ;o (people have been lazy when buying from me, much to my avail xD ¬¬)

Any takers? :3

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