ChiiruChan (chiiruchan) wrote in egl,

Men's EGA...and picky boyfriends. I need a blouse for him and there isn't much choice.

I want to force dress my boyfriend in EGA. :3 Fanplusfriend has tons of stuff I like. I'm just looking for dress shirts that can easily go with solid slacks. boyfriend doesn't really like the shirts. ;_; Does anyone know other places that sell EGA for men? Even if that doesn't work, I can't find any pictures for examples to do custom styles. ^.^; I may end up having to buy the shirt he doesn't want and giving it to him and make him feel bad because it was expensive. LOL. His problem is he doesn't like the ruffles on the front of the men's blouses and I love them to death. I was hoping there was something that still fit the category that didn't have ruffles. :3 Heh heh. I might end up buying one he likes and the ruffles just to make him wear it. *is evil* ^.^; But at the moment I want to get something for him for valentine's day and if it's custom I don't have much time. D: I know somebody here probably has an idea. (He also doesn't seem to like any of the other shirts on the site either...dang him for liking the expensive coats I can't afford. LOL.)
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