Le prince des ténèbres (cfirefly) wrote in egl,
Le prince des ténèbres

Looking for a dress for my boyfriend

My boyfriend has wanted to go to an EGL teaparty for a while, and he really likes french maids so last summer I made him a frilly apron to start him on EGL cosplay.
The thing is he has nothing to wear it with, and we've had a hard time finding something that would fit him AND match the apron. He has pretty slight proportions B:38, W:28, H:32, but he is 5'11.

Basically what I would be looking for is a fairly simple black dress with a high neck, preferably turtle neck or tight collar, and sleeves. If anyone could recommend a store that would have something like this (even brand name might be ok) or would be willing to sell something I would be really happy.
I've looked at Ebay and other online stores for hours finding mostly dresses that are too busy to have an apron added on.

Please excuse the lack of petty coat, watch, nonmatching clothes, etc... Just look at the apron.

Thank you in advance!
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