lovely. (lovely_yunie) wrote in egl,

Double Decker Address?

Ah~ I'm very confused about how to correctly write Double Decker's address. If someone could please help~! D;

So the address that is given is this:

Kayoko Higashimoto
OFFICE KAYOKO, Co. 1/F 2-18-2 Imaichi Asahi-ku Osaka

So.. is this how I would write their address when I am sending the payment?
Because I've only sent something once before to Japan and the address given to me was written in a completely different format..the format was like this (I'll just use the Double Decker address to show):

Kayoko Higashimoto
Imaichi Asahi-ku 2-18-2
Osaka, Japan

So I'm very confused as to how to write down the address! So if anyone could help me clarify this, I would be so grateful!! m(__)m

Thank you! ♥

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