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Ling_Lam/Montreal review

well, hope this isn't off topic, but there's been a lot of hoo ha on here lately about Ling_Lam so I thought I'd share my experience in buying her Montreal platform shoes (no personal pics yet unfortunately)

I ordered these shoes:
from Ling_Lam2005 on ebay

well the BIN sale went through fine, and I ended up paying about £33 for the shoes and postage. I asked no questions of ling_lam and no confirmation email was sent personally from her, only from paypal. About a week later I was beginning to worry but lo and behold the shoes arrived in a lot less time than I had expected.

on to the shoes: they are all white with 3 heart buckles: two straps cross over on top of the foot, and one long strap crosses around the ankle. They have bows which are not removable, and the ankle straps are not removable either. I ordered a japan 23 1/2 and I'm a UK size 4-5, they fit perfectly in thick socks or thin tights, the cross over straps on top of the foot help to keep them firmly in place.

They are 'pleather', which appears to be of fair quality, but not as scuff proof as leather obviously.
:At first glance, the only dissapointing features are:
the bit on the inside of the platform itself where the pleather wraps round isn't exactly seamed, the pleather just kind of overlaps itself. It's not very noticable, but it's not a hidden seam.
Secondly, the places where scalloped detail has been cut out are a little rough in places, but no worse than I've seen on pairs of much more expensive shoes, and nothing that can't be solved by a little trimming/picking off the rough bits (if it's even that noticable).

Wearing: For a person who almost can't bear heels, I find these shoes very comfortable, the platform isn't steep at all, it's almost like wearing flat shoes. The sole is curved like the rocking horse ballerina shoes, which makes them even easier to walk in, I walked the mile to and from uni today and found them just as easy as any of my other shoes. The only tricky part is the strap that wraps round the ankle, as you walk it goes 'tight, loose, tight, loose' etc. So it's just a question of fiddling with the tension (there are lots of notches in the strap) until it feels comfy. The soles and platforms appear to be stable even when walking on rough/muddy surfaces (the sole isn't wearing away or anything) but obviously don't go dragging them through a bush or something ^_^ I would advise these to narrow/wide footed people because of the adjustability of the straps, i have really narrow feet but i can tighten these to fit me snugly.

I did pull one of the bows off the evening i got these shoes - i was tidying my room and crawling around on the floor with the top of the shoes dragging on the floor ¬_¬(seems silly but they were so pretty i couldn't take them off!)

anyway, this was fixed easily with strong glue (which is how the bows appear to have originally been attatched) I tried pulling at the bow on the other shoe and it wouldn't budge, so it seems to have been a one off. For people who are worried about losing their bows, you could add extra glue to the bows, or even sew them in with a leather needle.

All in all I absolutely love these shoes, I can't believe what i got for the price even though they are knock offs, they fit perfectly - I'll definitely be getting them in other colours when I have the money.
I hope this clears things up for the people who were frequently asking about ling_lam's shoes, especially these particular ones.
I'd say, as long as you know what you're ordering, then it's a good service and lovely shoes! ^_^

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