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introduction post...

and yes, i know it's not allowed! XD;;; but wait, i have a question as well!

  introduction bit: hi, i'm interested in the lolita fashion and i'm from Malaysia but am currently in London because of lots of interesting stuff concerning the words "further" and "education".

  question bit: that aside, i'm here to ask for advice, because like leilani_rei in just a few posts before mine i've had a bad day with my exams and financial stress running around my head. i trudge back to my hostel to find a huge package from Nanjing, China and a smaller package from Singapore waiting outside my room and was instantly cheered up!!! yay, i finally got my coat and dresses from Fanplusfriend! *O* but when i tear open the package, oh! my Angelic Pretty replicas were way way wayyyy too long for me! they reached up to the middle of my calf! ;_; the coat was too long, and she forgot to put a pocket as i had requested, and the dresses... they break my heart. the the skirts were circle, and they mesh my petticoats very very badly, because of the amount of weight and fabric. and i wore two petticoats. both dresses and coat were overly-long by about 10cm. i feel like asking for a refund, but from what i know, i don't think they do refunds! and if i were to send it back to them, i would have to cover for the shipping and handling costs both ways, right? ;__;

  one alternative that i have is that i can keep the two dresses, and wait until i return to Malaysia (oh, goodness knows when! >.<) to get it altered short and fix the skirt's shape. the coat, however, will have to be retruned, but at least it wouldn't cost as much as with both the dresses. i have e-mailed F+F telling them about the problem and asking them to propose solutions, but i'd like to know what the seasoned people here think >.<;

  to make up for the long question and bad introductory post, i'd like to share with you the Antique White jumper skirt i bought from kaori_lolita just recently which arrived much ahead of time... thank you Kaori! \*O*/

and here are the pictures... please excuse for my messy room! >A<; i swear, i will get a white pannier in near future too *__*;;;

obligatory stand-still pose to see the whole (well, almost) coordination.

and this is the back of the dress... *cries* my body is so small that i have to restring the ribbons!

sort-of side view? XD;;;;;; erm.

i don't know what i'm doing .__.;;;

i like posing like this... so yay :D see me do dorky dancing/pose!

it's just me and the wall next to my bed...

  i would appreciate comments, critiques and criticisms... and will definitely appreciate advice on what to do with my F+F replica dresses and coats! ^-^

*bows* nice to meet you, everyone! *O* i hope to learn lots from you all, and hope that we get along well!

  EDIT/UPDATE: Fanplusfriend replied to me (very courteously too!) that they will refund me if it was unfit. however, seeing as the items are custom-sized and i didn't request for a specific length, they are unable to accept my return and exchange requirements. the replies were well and understanding, so i have decided to accept them. i will be keeping the dresses and will get them modified by my friend in the far future, and as for the coat... well. i'll just make use of it *sighs* i don't know if anyone would want a complete review of what i think of their service, workmanship and so on. i do suggest to anyone who wants to order in the future from them to give various other specifications on top of your body measurements! desired dress length, sleeves length, skirt length, whatever you can think of! i don't think i'll be ordering custom dresses online anymore though... thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions and advice :) i really am truly grateful to you all, because i was on the verge of shredding my mental self to bits for being so stupid ^^;;;

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