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I want to buy a brand dress...but alas I don't know Japanese.

Hi everyone. I have a few questions. I would like to buy a brand dress eventually, and I am going to try and save up. I have a few questions. I read about people doing joined orders to save on shipping here all the time. :3 Thank goodness someone knows Japanese. I was thinking of doing that sometime. There is a size question though. I'm large as in tall and big, but not fat. X_X I'd make a Japanese person feel puny. LOL. I was wondering does any brand do bust 42" waist 36"? >.< Also, yen conversion question. I want to get a dress, but I don't want to spend over approx. $150. What is the highest amount of yen a dress can be if it doesn't go over $150. Last but not least, could I get links to the official brand sites to browse. @_@ I had them saved but I accidently deleated the folder. D: I'm sorry for all the questions. I'm a newbie at ordering anything from a Japanese web site. ;_; I can't understand most of it...
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