The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

State Of The Community

Recently there has been just a bit of turmoil in the community which I'm not going to touch on because it has been taken care of. But one thing that I have noticed is a series of complaints about the "inactivity" of moderators. In general, the job of moderator just requires that someone delete OT posts, enforce rules, mediate arguments, and eliminate members who continuously violate rules and generally upset the balance of the community.

However, the general egl consensus is that there needs to be more from moderators than just that. Additionally, a lot of the newer members aren't familiar with the moderators and perhaps this has led to a lot of miscommunication in general.

I can see several things that could improve the community:

1) A review of community rules to make sure that posting critera are fair and clear.
2) Tagging community entries from the beginning to make pulling up archived information an easy process.
3) Expansion of the FAQ.
4) More community memes/group efforts sponsered by moderators.
5) Some type of organization for WTB/WTC/WTT/WTS posts.

Additionally, I think I'm going to start going on AIM on a regular, bi-weekly chat where community members can address problems in a respectful, safe enviroment without fear of getting BANNINATED (and other moderators will join this chat as well). The chats don't have to be serious, we can have fun too, but I think if the community got together and talked more a lot of these problems might start to evaporate.

But I would like to hear from the members what needs to be done to make the community stronger and better. Please be courteous about this since I'm taking this seriously and trying to improve the community and the role of moderators in it.

I think that sometimes the community turns into a trading/sales community or just something that generates a lot of nasty feelings. And there is fault on all sides for this including myself. But the problem is that this is a fashion community and it should be a lot more light-hearted because of that. Yes, RORITA is serious business but at the same time, we're dressing up like "cracked-out versions of Alice In Wonderland" so we can't take it too seriously. (And don't read into that, it's a joke, folks.)

So please, post your ideas for community improvement/expansion!

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