Sans Logique (fantine_fatale) wrote in egl,
Sans Logique


It just seems that I always end up buying too costumey clothes that can't really be used that often... And now I would like to have some basic lolita items that could be worn everyday. Here's what I'm looking for: *dun dun dun*

A black x black lace BRAND skirt, something like this:

That's just an example, though, it doesn't have to be exactly like that. I'm looking for something quite plain (is it even possible with lolita skirts? :D), and I'm open to pretty much anything, as long as its a brand item, solid black, and the possible lace would be cotton lace.

Another skirt that I'm looking for is this Heart E's melody note skirt in black x white:

Although, if you have some other black skirt with a melody note pattern, I might be interested. Quite many brands have made items with a melody note print... And I'm obsessed with almost all of them. O_O

I would prefer PayPal as a payment method, and of course, pictures would be a plus. Please show me what you got!

I could also be interested in a black, long-sleeved, Peter Pan collared brand blouse, if you had one lying in your closet. Please tell me, though I'm not sure if I can afford one atm. ^^;

Thank you!
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