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DS/Trade: Meta Lucky Pack Red Plaid/Tartan Skirt - $116 Shipped or Make an Offer

Okay, so.. I finally got my lucky pack today!! \o/

And I just have to say.. I LOVE YOU METAMORPHOSE! They really gave me some nice things, although a little punkier than my usual style.

1. Swan Emblem Rail Pass Case (Black) - Y4800

TRADE ONLY - I love this, so it's not for sale, but I'd definitely consider trades for other colors (WHITE!) or other wallets (or even bags, if you feel so inclined - probably not tote bags though ^^;).
pending trade with looooo! ♥

2. Winter Lucky Pack Plaid Skirt (Red x Black) - Y13800

Waist measurement is 24-26".

Please see the wonderful osakaneko_sales's sales post here with many lovely pictures and details of this same exact skirt! Her pictures are much more thorough than mine could ever be! However, in case you'd like proof or something, I'd be happy to take a subpar picture of the skirt that is in my posession ^^*.

Will sell for: $116 Shipped. (Will consider offers!)

Will trade for: Probably not for most of the other lucky pack skirts, as I'm not a big fan of velvet or camo ^^;. I'd be willing to do a half-trade or something for a JSK.

I actually need a good pannier. I also love reds, browns/cremes, music motifs, casual loli stuff (preferably brand), and accessories. Try me! ♥

3. Striped Over Knee High Socks (Red x Black) - Y2200

I'd be willing to add these to the skirt to make for a better trade, or possibly trade for other accessories, or make an offer and I'll sell 'em :3.
sold to anko! ♥

I have 98 or so feedback on eBay under the name "tasteyourstuff"~ I'm kind of in a hurry right now, so I'll include more details/answer questions later! Thanks! ^^
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