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Finalised Wellington meetup

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The meet will take place on Saturday 27 January, at 2pm. Plans differ depending on the weather.
If fine: The group will meet at the bottom of the Cable Car, on Lambton Quay. We will take the Cable Car up to the top stop, the top of the Botanical Gardens, and walk down through the Gardens, stopping for photos along the way. We can then hold a picnic either in the Dell or in other locations throughout the Gardens (the Dell is apparently best, but there's also the rose garden.) We can take more photos in the Lily House, which is indoors so we can take more posed photos if desired. Then return home via Cable Car to Lambton Quay and bus/train/private transport around 4.30pm.
Things to bring:
- picnic food or drinks such as cupcakes, tea sandwiches, sushi, biscuits, lemonade etc. As the hostess I will bring some extra food and drinks but bear in mind that we will be walking a little, so please make sure you don't bring wet/messy/easy to spill items.
- sunscreen/parasol etc. We'll be outside quite a bit, so please please don't get sunburned.
- money for the Cable Car and any extra items you want to buy (icecream etc). The Cable Car fares are $2.50 one way/$4.50 return for adults, $1 one way/$2 return for students, so it might be a good idea to bring your student ID.
- a rug to sit on if you're worried about grass stains etc. I'll try and bring a couple of picnic blankets.
- cell phone.

If wet: The group will meet on Cuba St and go to Simply Paris cafe for afternoon tea. We can take photos along Cuba St and in the cafe itself. Afterwards those who would like to can walk to Courtenay Central cinema to see Marie Antoinette (if it's still showing, otherwise maybe there'll be another cute movie) and others can return home from Manners Mall bus stop or via private transport.
Things to bring:
- umbrellas, jackets etc if it's really pouring
- money for cafe and movie (drinks can be bought for around $3, cakes and other food range in price from $2.50 up. Reading cinema tickets cost between $10 and $15 and again, bring your student ID for discount.)
- cell phone.

List of those I know are attending:

I have le_grenade's and rynhaiiro's cell phone numbers, but could everyone else who wants to attend please email me at nessaneko [at] gmail [dot] com with their cell numbers and which number (027 or 021) they would prefer to contact me through. I would like to be able to text everyone on the Saturday morning to let you know final plans depending on weather forecast.
If you'd like to come and aren't on the list, please leave a comment and send me an email and I'll add you to the RVSP'd checklist.
If anyone needs to reassure their parents that they'll be in a safe and happy group, feel free to email me for my number and I'll talk to them on the phone.
If there's anything I've forgotten, leave a comment n_n.
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