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Southern California 1/5 Gothic and Lolita Meet Up

This past Friday was our Southern California Lolita Meet Up in the City of Industry ^^! I came bearing pictures (please excuse the photo quality as my flash...kills >_>). I always mean to take more picture sbut I get caught up in a lot of things. I had a lot of fun this friday and hope everyone did as well. If everyone that attended doesn't mind I would like to add you to my friends list ^^ if that is okay? ^^??

It happened to be a very funny occurence that the majority of us showed up dressed in black and white- rather gothic and lolita! with the exception of lilbluesakura (her red sweater ^^) and hikki in her adorable pink and blue outfit!!

Anyways on to the pictures ^^!

First we had a nice steaming hot curry dinner at Curry House ^^!

mille_fleur and diekusse666 who were gorgeously dressed in moitie ^^!

lilusako ready to attack o=! eat the curry not me! ^^  extremely adorable and nice in btssb ^^

rayna1(who was wearing a gorgeous meta velveteen OP) and her bf ^^ (where are our shopped purikura pictures? ;P)

kuramew(I forgot what brand her dress was- angelic pretty i think? super cute velveteen and grey plaid ^^!) and her boyfriend ^^! mmm curry  ^^ and next to them in the back is Sarah who was wearing a cute BPN and meta outfit ^^!

I wasn't able to take pictures of a few of the other people at the table ! Sorry! ;/

so after we all smelled of Japanese curry. The lovely egl member hikki had let us into her home for a swapmeet ^^! Just so you all know Hikki is an EXCELLENT seamtress and makes super cute stuff - especially stuffed animals ^^! I wish I had taken a picture of her red bunny that she made! So cute! The skirt she was wearing was self made to and reminded me of something right out of victorian maiden beth!

anyways here we have lilbluesakura showing off the goods she has for sale!

after rumaging through all the stuff everyone had for sale ( that you don't get to see since you didn't attend our awesome meetup ;P-not that i forgot to take pictures of >_>) we took pictures since some people had to get going!

OHHHH Gothic and Lolita ^__^!

left to right: rayna1, diekusse666, kuramew, mille_fleur, lilusako, me, hikki (in pink ^^), lilbluesakura, sarah (I don't know her lj name!)and tsukinokrystal.
and at the same time...some people were arriving!

addition: snooping_sophie on the left!

Thanks again to hikki who left us throw the swapmeet at her place ^^! she is so adorable too!

afterwards we went over to Cue! and took purikura ^^! Imagine stuffing 7-8 lolita's into a small little picture booth ^___^!
sorry I don't have a scanner and the computer room won't be open when I am off work so I can only post photos of them right now

afterwards we ended up going to Vanille which is a cute bakery close to Cue and enoyed cuke cakes and tea ^^!

mille_fleur and diekusse666
lilusako-usa chan wants cake too!

lilusako, sarah, tsukinokrystal(in an cool boz blouse!), and kuramew.

my cake xD! it was called "dance with me" ^^!

I had lots of fun and can't wait for my next SoCal meet up ^^ -at a tearoom, disneyland, who knows?! ^^! we need to find more things to do!

If any of you have pictures please post them I want to see more ^^! or if you want me to take down any of the pictures please let me know- but I think everyone looks awesome! I wish I got better pictures though...I always forget to have a time put aside to photograph everyones awesome outfits ;/

The End.

P.S. I hope more people can join us next time! (and sorry about the ljuser icons... the rich text always seems to mess them up for me...perhaps its because I use firefox?)
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